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M.F.A. Film and Television                     2000  Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA
B.F.A. Painting/Photography                 1992  Western Carolina University, NC

Film & Video Production

Tennessee Valley Authority                   2013-2014    Knoxville, TN
Video Producer

Scripps Networks                                   2012-2013     Knoxville, TN
Video Editor

Odyssey High School                             2011-2012      Asheville, NC
Photography, Video & Film Instructor

Georgopoulos Design Associates        2002-2004     Pasadena, CA

eLogic Corp                                             2000-2002      Marina Del Rey, CA
Director of Video Production                                             1999-2000     Marina Del Rey, CA                                           

Live Events, Music & Theater

Coop Art Gallery                                             2009-2012     Asheville, NC
Live Events, Owner/Director

ReHappening                                                  2009-2010     Black Mountain, NC
Performing Video Artist

Action Fest                                                       2011        Asheville, NC
Videographer / Editor

Moog Fest                                                       2010         Asheville, NC

TOOL                                                                2005         10,000 Days Tour
Videographer & Visual Consultant

Slamdance Film Festival                               2001        Park City, UT

Venue 9                                                           1999         San Francisco, CA
Video, Lighting & Sound Tech

Church of John Coltrane                               1998         San Francisco, CA
Live Video Projectionist & Video Mixer

Univac Index and Gods Grandparents      1998         San Francisco, CA
Band Member /Video Artist

Artist Television Access                                1998         San Francisco, CA
Performing Video Artist

George Coates Performance Works          1998         San Francisco, CA
“Wittgenstein on Mars”   Video/ Film  projectionist

San Francisco Computer Museum             1997         San Francisco, CA
Original Video for COMA Festival

Remy Charlip at Oakland Ballet                  1997         San Francisco, CA
“Spare the Rod” Visual Design Director

Eyetribe                                                           1996-1998     San Francisco, CA
Live Events Video & Lighting Director

CellSpace                                                         1995-1999     San Francisco, CA
Visual Creative Director

Harry McCune Audio and Video Services   1995-1997     San Francisco, CA
Audio Video Tech

Strobe Light Cock Fight                                1993         Cullowhee, NC
Band Member/Video Artist

Ramsey Center                                              1989         Cullowhee, NC        
Spotlight Operator / Stage Hand

Music Videos
New Dead Radio                    2006        Hollywood, CA
"Failing Star"
Every Move a Picture             2006        Hollywood, CA
"Signs of Life"
David Lee Roth                       2005        Hollywood, CA
Diamond Dave Tour
Moby                                        2002        Hollywood, CA
Virgin Records EPK
Sparklehorse                          2004        Hollywood, CA
Mark Growden                       1998        San Francisco, CA
“Fishboy” and “Mother”
Director, Videographer/Editor

Client List
Michael Mann       Robbery Homicide Division       Camera Operator
Barry Sonnenfeld   American Express Commercials  Camera Operator
Dean Karr   Marilyn Manson, Nickel Creek, Dave Mathews, Tommy Lee   Camera Operator
The Russo Brothers   Dominos pizza, Carpoolers, Fandango   Camera Operator
Chris Milk   Kanye West   Visual Consultant
Kevin Kerslake   Velvet Revolver, The Used, Story of the Year   Camera Operator
Dave Meyers   Dave Mathews, Missy Elliott   Camera Operator
McG     Pussy Cat Dolls   Camera Operator
M. Night Shyamalan   The Village   Editor
Gore Verbinski   Pirates of the Caribbean   Editor

Please see my web site for examples of my personal work and of the work that I have done for all the very talented people listed above.

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